Yamaha XMAX: The Scooter That Does It All


The XMAX is the TMAX’s little brother. It has a 292cc single-cylinder engine that makes 33 horsepower and weighs only 397 pounds. It gets 76 MPG on the highway. ABS and traction control are nice extras, and you can change both the screen and the handlebars to get into the best riding position.

There is enough space under the seat for two full-face helmets, and the LED lights are a nice touch. Even though the engine might not be big enough for long touring trips, the fact that it looks a bit like a smaller TMAX is not a bad thing. It’s also comfortable for both the user and the passengers. There are two discs in front that stop you perfectly.


  •   The ride is really, really good.
  •   Funky style of design
  • A quick and fuel-efficient engine


  • Considering its market, it’s a bit pricey.
  • People who are shorter might not like how high the seat is.
  • Not good for long trips.

       Yamaha XMAX: The Best in Sports

The best sport scooter ever, with a new Y-Connect smartphone connection and a liquid-cooled engine that works well and uses little gas.

The XMAX is the best sport scooter because it uses little gas and works well. The XMAX isn’t your average basic bike; it has high-tech features that make it stand out. It’s ready to go whenever you are, whether you need to go get groceries down the street or go off into the countryside. For 2023, the XMAX gets a complete makeover with new looks, a new screen with multiple themes that can connect to smartphones through the Y-connect app, and many other changes. What are you going to do with your XMAX? It’s great for getting through city traffic during the week and taking it easy on the weekends.

The high-spec XMAX 300 Tech MAX is the clear choice for anyone looking for the best riding experience. It has great speed, great looks, and the most features of any bike in its class. Yamaha has now made a brand-new model of this Sport Scooter that is even better and has even more to offer.

This high-end sport scooter has high-tech 4.2-inch full-color TFT instruments with a multi-theme multimedia screen that lets you connect your smartphone. It’s easy to get texts and emails, choose music, and do a lot more. Plus, the XMAX 300 Tech MAX has a new mapping system that works with Garmin, so you can drive stress-free on the highway and enjoy the weekend.

The XMAX 300 Tech MAX has a dynamic, angular body design with new X-shaped front lighting that makes it look even more radical and unique. New 3D boomerang-shaped side covers strengthen the pure MAX DNA. This is the smart thing to do because it comes in special colors and has unique aluminum footplates, a special finish on body parts, and a seat cover that looks like leather.

Rider Connectivity

When the 4.2-inch color TFT display is linked to the Y-connect app, it can receive texts, emails, and alerts that can show up on the display. Riders can use their smartphones to play music and do other things, which makes each ride different and more interesting. One can get a lot of different kinds of information and services, like volume, weather, language, machine and ride information, and a lot more.

Sporty & Fuel Efficient Engineer

The XMAX’s 292cc liquid-cooled motor is clean, smooth, and ready for everything from daily commutes to weekend rides with friends. It uses the same technology that’s in Yamaha’s high-performance sport bikes.

 Convenience Features

The XMAX is not like other basic scooters because it has high-tech features like LED lights and advanced instrumentation. The XMAX is ready to go whenever you are, whether you need to go across the state to get groceries or just down the street to get some milk. It has a 12V power port for charging small devices and a movable handlebar and windshield.​

            Yamaha XMAX Key Features on Totalmotorcycle.com

  • The new look is energetic and high-quality, like the MAX.
  • Connectivity for smartphones.
  • Navigation system that works with Garmin.
  • 4.2-inch color TFT screen for entertainment with multiple themes.
  • Moving On 292cc Engine Cooled by Ethanol.
  • A 12-hole injector is used in modern fuel injection.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission that is Fully Automatic.
  • The front fork is big like on a motorbike, and it bolts to the stem at both the top and bottom triple clamps.
  • Large 15-inch front and 14-inch back wheels make it easier to handle and give it a sporty look.
  • 267 mm front disc brakes and 245 mm rear disc brakes.
  • With Yamaha’s Smart Key method, you don’t need the key to get into the machine.
  • 4.2-inch TFT instruments with full color screens.
  • Connectivity for smartphones.
  • Onboard navigation system through a smartphone.
  • Body shape that moves.
  • Headlight in the shape of an X.
  • Front flashers placed high.
  • All LED lights on.
  • A new shape seat with a cover that looks like leather.
  • Two full-face helmets can be stored here.
  • Traction Control System (TCS) for the EURO5 Blue Core 300cc engine.
  • Smart Key starting without a key.
  • Screen and wheels that can be adjusted.
  • Tech MAX end result.

     What’s Good and Bad About the Yamaha XMAX on Totalmotorcycle.com

The Best Things     

  • New look for XMAX
    Yamaha’s designers worked hard to give the new 2023 XMAX a bold, modern look. Almost every part of the XMAX’s sleek and sporty exterior has been remade to make the car smaller and look better. The new XMAX looks very different from other cars on the road because it has radical new X-shaped LED headlights and taillights that go with its aggressive style. New high-mount LED front indicators add to the sleek look, and a totally redesigned seat makes it more comfortable and easier to get to the ground with your legs.
  • New 4.2-inch TFT Full-Color Screen .                                                                                                                      When it comes to Sport Scooters, the 2023 XMAX has one of the best displays out there. The new high-tech 4.2-inch color TFT touchscreen display is placed above the 3.2-inch LCD speedometer, which is part of this complete set of instruments.
  • The new Yamaha Y-Connect lets you connect your smartphone.                                                                   Yamaha is adding Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect) smartphone connectivity for the VMAX starting in 2023. This will let riders connect their smartphone directly to their scooter, which will give them a lot of useful new features, such as the ability to control their phone and music, collect and share a lot of information about how their vehicle is running, and use the Garmin Street Cross app to access a full turn-by-turn navigation system. The Y-Connect rider can make choices using the new, easy-to-use switchgear placed on the handlebars and see the results on the new TFT screen. The best part is that Yamaha Motorcycle Connect, the Y-Connect app, and the Garmin Street Cross app are all free for both iOS and Android.

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