Yamaha TMAX: The King of Maxi scooters


The Yamaha TMAX is one of the most well-known maxi scooters, and it was this model that first showed a lot of people that a maxi scooter could be useful, fast, and fun. It may not have as much power as the Suzuki Burgman’s 45 horsepower 530cc parallel twin engine, but it does weigh 170 pounds less, which is a big deal.

The chassis frame is made of aluminum, which helps keep the weight down and makes it stiffer. However, the design does make the rider floorboard a little smaller. It has traction control, cruise control, heated seat grips, and a screen that can be adjusted automatically. The middle stand can be locked in the “open” position, which makes it very hard to steal. There is enough space for storage, but a top box can be added. Comfort is a given for your passenger on the back, and the TMAX is hard to beat for adding sportiness to efficiency.


  • Flows with ease.
  • Quite a bit lighter than most maxi bikes.
  • Great protection.


  • Not enough room for storage
  • Quite pricey
  • The floorboard for the rider is a little too small.


First Ride of the Yamaha TMAX Tech Max

  • Since the 1950s, scooters have been an important part of life in Mediterranean Europe. In Italy, Vespa’s and Lambrettas are as common in everyday life as cheese and prosciutto. The scooter has been the most popular mode of transportation in cities for decades, even in the colder parts of mainland Europe. It is popular with people of all classes and ages. In the middle of nowhere in France and Spain, a village’s sounds aren’t just the mooing of cows or the bleating of sheep. There is also the sound of a Peugeot Speed fight with its exhaust system pinned to the stop.
  • The 2022 Yamaha Tmax Tech Max is stopped in front of the art building.
    The TMAX Tech Max gets a new look and more tech and connectivity for 2022.Yamaha Music
    Things changed, though, in 2001. The Yamaha XP500, also known as the TMAX, was the first of a new type of scooter called a maxi-scooter. It quickly became a hit in Europe.
  • Before the TMAX, there were bigger scooters like the famous Suzuki Burgman AN250 and AN400, but the Yamaha really struck a chord. It was without a doubt the biggest and most powerful scooter thanks to its 499cc engine. This meant that a new breed of European customers were drawn to it not only because it was easy to use but also because of how well it handled and performed. Some people added sports parts, custom exhausts, and rubber that grips the road. Famous people bought them, and F1 drivers used them to get to the Monte Carlo paddock. It was the dream car of young, wealthy people, and the TMAX was the wheel of choice for them. In 2001, the late, great motorcycle reporter Kevin Ash said, “The TMAX created the maxi-scooter class.”
  • It’s easy to see why the TMAX took off in a place where bikes are seen not just as cheap ways to get around, but also as the best and coolest way to get from point A to point B while cutting through traffic. Yamaha may have been the first company to make a sports scooter. Their XMAX 125, XMAX 300, and TMAX models make up 54% of their scooter sales.
  • YAMAHA Tmax Tech Max riding on city street in 2022
    During the week, most TMAX maxi-scooters will be seen in this way: As a comfy and roomy commuter, it does its job well. Yamaha Music
    How big is this TMAX thing? Since it was first shown, 350,000 TMAXs have been sold around the world, and it has stayed at the top of the maxi-scooter market even though there is a lot of competition. It’s no surprise that 85% of the TMAX’s sales happen in Europe, with Spain, Italy, and France making up the great majority of that market. The car is sold in 87 countries. Almost no matter how long you stay in any of these countries, you’ll run into at least one TMAX.
  • One of TMAX’s strengths is that it makes its owners loyal. About 40% of new sales come from people who already own the product. This says a lot about the quality and reputation of the brand. Also, the fact that 70% of users choose the highest-end model makes it clear that these aren’t just cheap wheels hunters. Yamaha says that the average customer is a man between the ages of 35 and 45 who rides seven days a week, five days for work and two days for fun. It’s not a bike that stays in the back of the shed and only gets used on nice weekends.

The verdict

Yamaha has made the TMAX Tech MAX even better than it was before. The new technology is much better and easier to use. It also looks and handles more sporty, which makes it another popular update. I think that TMAX fans will rush to Yamaha stores to take a look at the great new dash.

Yes, the maxi-scooter costs a lot. Some people will also say that money could be used to buy a real bike. They would miss the point, though. Don’t think of this as a toy; this is a bike that will probably be used every day of the year. The TMAX can be used for work during the week, for fun on the weekends, to meet friends, for a drink, or on a two-up tour. It’s a real alternative to a small car, and people in Europe love it because it’s useful and can be used in many ways.

2022 Yamaha Tmax Tech Max lean to the right on a mountain road
The TMAX is very famous in Europe for a reason: it’s a great commuter car that also handles well in sports situations. Yamaha Music
There are cheaper options, but I don’t think any of them can compare to how high-end and deluxe the TMAX Tech MAX feels. Yamaha has made the TMAX look better than ever, and it looks like it will stay the best scooter in every country except the United States.

A Brief Review

  • The TMAX Tech MAX is Yamaha’s best maxi-scooter. It has primo suspension, a TFT display with maps, heated grips and seats, and a start that doesn’t need a key.
  • The CVT gearbox makes it easy to ride, and it often surprises you with what it can do and how calm it can be in settings that don’t involve scooters.
  • This might be a better choice than a horse or small car if you live in a city where parking is hard to come by and the weather is nice. Plus it’s way cooler than a car.

A Ride and Review of Yamaha’s Best Mega Scooter

  • It’s funny that you got a die-hard motorcycle fanatic to review a bike. At the very least, it could be seen as biased to ask a Frenchman to review an Australian wine or to send a rock musician to a classical show. But it also gives you an honest perspective that someone who lives and breathes scooters probably could never achieve. Yes, motorcyclists do sometimes look down on scooterists, and it’s also true the other way around.
  • Also, I’ve only been on two bikes in my whole life. I know what you’re thinking: here’s a cocky biker who has never been on a scooter telling me how little he knows about them and how he’d never consider riding one. I was seen on one, though. That one. And, if you must know, I really liked it. But there’s more to the story, and I think I’m also getting ahead of myself.
  • As the TMAX would be going in my garage, which is still warm from bikes like Yamaha’s MT-10 SP and other powerful belters, I didn’t want to write this review in a condescending, “it’s just a scooter” way. To begin, it would be a huge mistake to undervalue what is clearly the best bike in its class. To add to that, calling this something a scooter makes me think of Crocodile Dundee’s famous line from the 1980s: “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.”


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