Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 500: The Scooter That’s Got It All


There is nothing normal about the Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 500. The 562cc, liquid-cooled, Euro 5, parallel-twin engine in the Yamaha TMAX makes 46.9hp at 7500rpm. It has a 360-degree crank with a horizontally opposed moving piston balancer that stops any vibrations, making sure the ride is smooth.

The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) lets you control the speed of the engine wirelessly. It also has a screen that can be adjusted electrically, cruise control, and smart key operation. Control of the grip and D-Mode, which lets you choose the performance mode. A new LED projector light, a 7″ full-color TFT screen with Garmin navigation, forged handlebars and wheels, a better longer seat, and a price tag that matches all of those features are also on it.


  • It oozes comfort
  • A lot lighter than most maxi bikes. Good wind protection.
  • Not much storage room Costly
  • Somewhat narrow is the riding floorboard.

1. A Brief Review

  • The TMAX Tech MAX is Yamaha’s best maxi-scooter. It has primo suspension, a TFT display with maps, heated grips and seats, and a start that doesn’t need a key.
  • The CVT gearbox makes it easy to ride, and it often surprises you with what it can do and how calm it can be in settings that don’t involve scooters.
  • This might be a better choice than a horse or small car if you live in a city where parking is hard to come by and the weather is nice. Plus it’s way cooler than a car.

2. A Ride and Review of Best Mega Scooter

It’s funny that you got a die-hard motorcycle fanatic to review a bike. At the very least, it could be seen as biased to ask a Frenchman to review an Australian wine or to send a rock musician to a classical show. But it also gives you an honest perspective that someone who lives and breathes scooters probably could never achieve. Yes, motorcyclists do sometimes look down on scooterists, and it’s also true the other way around.

Also, I’ve only been on two bikes in my whole life. I know what you’re thinking: here’s a cocky biker who has never been on a scooter telling me how little he knows about them and how he’d never consider riding one. I was seen on one, though. That one. And, if you must know, I really liked it. But there’s more to the story, and I think I’m also getting ahead of myself.

As the TMAX would be going in my garage, which is still warm from bikes like Yamaha’s MT-10 SP and other powerful belters, I didn’t want to write this review in a condescending, “it’s just a scooter” way. To begin, it would be a huge mistake to undervalue what is clearly the best bike in its class. To add to that, calling this something a scooter makes me think of Crocodile Dundee’s famous line from the 1980s: “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.”

3. Our thoughts on each model from the 2023 Yamaha line-up

Another important thing to note is that this isn’t meant to be a one-bike-fits-all product like Yamaha’s MT-07 or Honda’s new CB750 Hornet. In spite of the fact that it is very useful and very simple to ride, Yamaha says it won’t become the most popular bike in the world. To put it another way, can you picture riding one in Texas? Having a cappuccino at a monster truck parade would be like that.

That’s because big, fancy scooters are most popular in Europe and Japan, where people are happy to use them and parking is hard to find. That is, don’t think of this as a replacement for a motorbike. Instead, picture it as a lighter, more stylish Mazda MX-5 or Fiat 500.

Anyway, if you ask a regular person to draw or describe what they think the typical scooter looks like, they’ll probably come up with something from the 1960s in Italy: something small and step-through that you could probably lift with two hands if you really wanted to. Picture Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn from the movie Roman Holiday.

The TMAX Tech MAX is related to classic Italian bikes in the same way that the Wright Brothers Flyer is related to a stealth fighter. This makes me wonder what “scooter” really means these days, and how does this Japanese masterpiece really measure up? Let us find out.

What’s Different About the 2023 Yamaha TMAX 560 Tech MAX ?

There is only one short answer to that question: “Everything.” The list I got when I picked up the scooter was unbelievable. It had all the newest features you could imagine on a scooter, plus another 12 extra ones just for fun. Even though I don’t know much about the Tmax lineage, Yamaha tells me that the bike has at least eleven new features that were added or made much better since the last model. That’s not counting the Tech MAX’s own list of extra features. Let’s look at them.

1. Tech electronics

Many people are most interested in the new TFT. It’s a big 7″ screen that’s as bright and easy to see as any bike screen I’ve ever seen. Of course, this interface controls or shows the state of all the bikes’ other high-end features, such as the new smartphone connectivity and the Garmin-powered navigation system. A center stand that locks and a key fob that lets you turn the bike on and off from a distance are some of the smart features.

2. Rider Helpers

The TMAX has more real-world comforts than virtual ones. It has a longer seat with an adjustable backrest, a windshield that can be changed into an air vent, and slimline projector LED headlights. If you choose the Tech MAX option, you’ll also get a heated seat, heated grips, ride control, a “backlit fluorescent handlebar” with center switches, and an adjustable rear suspension. The windshield can be adjusted electrically. Then there are the forged aluminum handles, lightweight spin forged 10-spoke wheels, Bridgestone Battlax SC2 tires made just for this model, and the sportier suspension damping settings. These aren’t really luxury items, but they are nice to have.

3. Make it

Yamaha says that the new look of the bike has a “dynamic new sports body design with super sport-inspired face and improved rider and passenger ergonomics.” However, Freddy, who is blind, could tell that the bike’s style is based on a sport bike. I’m not sure if mixing these two types of bikes is the best idea, but there’s no denying that the bike looks pretty cool. Yamaha chose some very sleek colors for this bike, like the primer gray and dark green glossy shades you see here. These colors make the bike look even more expensive.

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