Where to travel in the USA – based on your zodiac sign


Aries people are ambitious and want to excel in everything they do. They can make the most difficult and courageous decisions thanks to these qualities.


Taureans are drawn to the finer things in life. When they're on vacation, luxury and comfort are equally vital, which is why a trip to wine country is ideal for these pleasure seekers.


A city break is great for Geminis due to their inherent tendency to be social butterflies. The Twin Cities are ideal for twins of the zodiac.


Cancers, as water signs, experience a profound sense of tranquilly and serenity when they are near the ocean. Charleston, South Carolina's lovely beaches.


Virgos enjoy both the planning process and taking on a challenge. What could be better than a visit to one of America's most gorgeous national parks.


Libras, as horoscope heartthrobs, enjoy any excuse for a romantic holiday. Huge live trees draped in lovely Spanish moss add to the distinctive Southern charm.

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