Virgo to Leo: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Lament Friendship Breakups More Than Romance Breakups  


Pisceans are noted for their empathy and compassion for others. Similarly, friends frequently play an important part in their social support network.


Leos can also be deeply wounded when a BFF breaks their confidence or when a connection unexpectedly ends. 


Virgos are noted for their analytical and detail-oriented disposition. They frequently put a lot of time and effort into their friendships. 


Scorpios are recognised for their ferocity and capacity to make profound, transforming bonds with others. 


Aries is a fiery sign that cannot be contained no matter how hard they try. It is not, however, their fault. 


Taurus is a sign that tends to stay in relationships for longer than planned. Furthermore, they are a mix of loyalty and tenacity. 

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