Top 5 Zodiac Signs Prone To Love Commitment Issues

Do you always have short-lived relationships? Do you feel like commitment eludes you like sand? You're not alone! Many people have commitment concerns in their love life, and astrology may explain why. 


Twins symbolize Geminis' duality. They are charming, funny, and adaptive, but they might be indecisive and dread missing out on greater possibilities


Sagittarians adore freedom and adventure. They prefer independence over commitments. Sagittarius people want to travel and try new things.


You expected October to be ideal, including your relationship, but life intervened. The week of will mark the end of your partnership.


Aries are autonomous and driven. They thrive on difficulties and are willing leaders. Their boldness might make them great companions, but it can also make them afraid of settling down and missing out. 


Capricorns are driven and focused on their vocations and goals. They may struggle to reconcile work and love, causing commitment concerns.

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