Three Zodiac Signs Had Rough Horoscopes November, 2023


Today, you will say something you believe is important in the interest of honesty and self-love, but people will misinterpret it. You may think you're good, but that person sees your selfish, pigheaded acts. 

During the transit of Moon opposite Jupiter, you'll discover that some view your honesty as cruelty, even though you prefer to think you're honorable. 


Today is one of those days when you believe you're cute but no one else does. You usually survive with this mindset. You like to portray yourself as a Peter Pan-like mischievous brat who wins everyone's heart. 

You won't look as cute as you think during Moon opposite Jupiter today. Despite your cuteness, your romantic partner is tired of your cute brat routine today and just 'no sale'.


Your personality makes you believe you're the best, and because you don't think this is arrogant, you tell them all the time. You think you're being honest.

Your romantic partner will question that attitude today, during Moon opposite Jupiter. They've had enough and want to tell you that while you're 'the best,' to stop talking about it. 

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