These 3 Zodiac Signs Feel A Bit Challenged


Pluto energy is transformative, so you may feel compelled to change today, something you're not ready for. You tested yourself. Today is your goal date. 

You expected something from yourself on this day, therefore your disappointment will be self-inflicted. Feeling let down may cause major brooding. 


Moon-square Pluto is workable energy. Just don't want to work with anyone or anything today. You'll likely wake up exhausted and lack inspiration. 

No one likes anxiety, yet it's something that must be dealt with. Thus, you may experience repetitious thoughts and temporarily fall asleep. Scorpio, you must sleep well. 


Sometimes your circumstance bothers you, and while you try to change or accept it, there are days like today when it seems intolerable. 

Moon-square Pluto transforms, and you transform. Change is your nature and never bothered you. Lack of change bothers you today. Your position is serious and aggravating.

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