There’s a love angel number for every sign of the zodiac


The number 1 represents new beginnings and adventures in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.


This number represents a harmonious relationship where both parties joyfully give and receive, allowing both personalities to blossom.


Should expect a spectacular gift from the Universe—the enigmatic angel number 777. Librans will soon receive their long-awaited prizes. Angel number 21 symbolizes ‘two becoming one.’ For Librans, this number portends romantic union.


Pisces, the 12th and last zodiac sign, combines finality and new beginnings. Angel number 000 gives the omen optimism of a happy marriage.


Venus rules Virgos' angel number, which may bode well for love and relationships. Sighting 666 reminds one  their connection since they will be rewarded. This angel number may also indicate a bright future and the need to worry less.


Aquarius are autonomous and enthusiastic, so 1111 indicates new beginnings. 1111 reminds us to love and mingle.

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