There's a love angel number for every sign of the zodiac  


As an analytical air sign connected with relationships, the spiritual 777 may signify a strong partnership.


In love, you like light and joy, which 33 provides.


Competition is the way to your heart, thus 111 may signify love abundance. “Aries want to be first, always, but they also like to be in groups — as long as they're the leader,” says Sunday. “This number represents their independence and leadership.


Sunday explains. Pisces, the 12th and final sign, acknowledges the end of a cycle and begins a new one.


Since you are the sixth sign in the zodiac and Venus, the planet of love, is related with six, seeing a 666 may be a loving reminder that your partnership will be blessed tenfold.


Like Aquarius, the number one is independent and cheerful. Sunday says Aquarius, like Capricorn, was dominated by Saturn and wants stability but with a progressive bent.

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