There is a lot of strain on these four zodiac signs


Call the first Libra in your contacts if you need someone to listen and empathize. 


Geminis, with their air element, can adapt to any scenario and lead the group.


No mountain is too high for an Aries to climb. They also have a concealed imposter syndrome that can undermine their confidence if unchecked.


Pisces can transport you to dream if you want to escape reality. Their gentle, nurturing nature can be a double-edged sword because their excessively sensitive heart is easily wounded and they play the victim.


A meticulous, organized, and diligent Virgo would lead the march into the new dawn if the world ended tomorrow. However, their self-doubt makes them tougher on themselves than others.


A deep-thinking, humanitarian Aquarian wants to change the world. Unfortunately, their makes it hard for them to form relationships, thus they departed the party early.

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