The Right Rug Style for Your Zodiac Sign


You might be timid and quiet or brilliant and lively, Aquarius. A rug with a neutral backdrop and bold, unusual  will show off your side.


Super-perfectionist Virgo, hello. You don't hate color, but you want a rug that's as practical as you are, so go with something neutral but unique that will match your decor. This rug's intricate patterns and details are very impressive.


Pisces are kind, affectionate, and empathetic, but also very lively. The turquoise  and pink accents on this rug show your boldness, while the chenille fabric shows your tender side.


Libras are balance-oriented. You value  balance between textures, and patterns. This balanced rug with a playful shag shows your air sign smarts and originality. Focus on the details instead of the overall picture.


Reversible rugs suit both sides of Gemini. Like you, both sides are bold, vibrant, and curious, and they're similar enough that you may switch sides without clashing with your decor.


Your ambition, independence, loyalty, and impulsivity make you a fire sign. You prefer quirky, yet simple decor that fits your home. You must add spice and pizzazz to finish.

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