The Next Irreconcilable Couples of the Zodiac


They both enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Sagittarius might be selfish, while Aquarius helps others. After starting together, they go in different directions.


No one likes splitting up, and you'll have to adjust to all kinds of things you'd rather not think about.


Libras adore Pisces and spend time with them. They can be too passionate and idealistic, making it hard to set realistic goals. Overall, they're great for a fling but require work for long-term.


They're sensitive, creative, and caring. Cancer's emotionality confuses Pisces. Cancers think Pisces forgets their mistakes and never learns.


They care, create, and are sensitive. Cancer can get too emotional, which Pisces doesn't understand. Cancers also believe Pisces has no memory of the past and never learns from their mistakes.


Mars in Scorpio rewards love. Your ruling planet transiting your home of desire and shared secrets enhances your love of sharing experiences and being there for others.

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