The Magic Your Zodiac Sign Gives You


Leos get their power from the sun, like Cancers from the moon. Leos can take power, vigor, and magical talents from the sun. 


Cancers can magically use moon energy to make shields. This is moon shielding magic.


Geminis may telepathically convey thoughts, emotions, and information without utilizing their senses.


Taurus may magically heal the earth. This power rejuvenates and restores nature and heals damage.


If you are an Aries or know one, you know that Aries is the most fiery and passionate sign. Aries can discreetly manipulate fire, which is expected.


Virgos may employ herbs to make potions, elixirs, and spells with magical powers. These skills are essential in a pinch and provide Virgo power and originality.

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