The Lord of the Rings: Your Zodiac Sign Weapon  


Even before the Ring changes him, he has a huge heart and ego for a modest hobbit. That spectacular disappearing act during his birthday party makes him a showboat.


A person may be hyper-emotional, volatile, and spiteful. However, you may be lucky and enjoy their unwavering loyalty.


Oh, Pippin. Foolish Took. He just thinks about eating and snatching unwanted orbs. Pippin sticks his nose where it shouldn't, more than Merry or any other Halfling.


Remember how Sam just wants to finish everything so he can go home, marry his lady, and live his seven-meal-a-day hobbit life? The Bull, or Taurus sign, was born.


Eowyn only deviates from this description in honesty: she pretends to be a man fighting.


Virgos' fastidious, detail-oriented habits help them master the bow and arrow and see threats from far away.

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