The influence of astrology on predictive analytics

Prediction’s Past

Humans have used astrology since ancient times, and science was closely related.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

The ability to break down and exploit large data assists collections, fraud detection, risk management, customer relations, and other businesses.

An Anecdote about Astrology

Years ago, a friend's mother brought me home from a study session and we discussed my upcoming move across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ability to Predict

New York meteorologist Lee Goldberg compared astrology to weather reports. It predicts future conditions, he said. If the weatherman predicts rain, pack an umbrella.

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Astrology and Future Prediction

Many people dismiss astrology as a hoax or hobby.

It requires 2 Dyntell Bi

Based on prior data patterns, the Dyntell Bi Ensemble system predicts dataset values using traditional regressions and deep learning methods.

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