The 7zodiac signs of the most unfaithful women


This zodiac sign's ladies are impatient. In challenging situations, they follow their heart. If she pursues someone else instead of her boyfriend, so be it.


They love entertainment, gossip and fun. They are very social and are easily attracted to people. So, they won’t think twice before cheating on their partner. They will even let them know that they will break up immediately.


Leo women are pretty dramatic and big on getting attention all the time. If they aren’t getting the love and attention from their partner, then they will go looking for it somewhere else, just to show what their partner is missing out on.


They're indecisive. Their heart is right, but if temptation is right in front of them, they will forsake everything and go for it. Indecisiveness will lead them to deceive and be dishonest despite frequent conscience hits.


Usually known to be wonderful lovers, Piscean women also tend to escape from the reality and hide in the imaginary world that they have built. They have a huge fear of commitment and for them, cheating seems the only viable way to break connections without having to confront anybody.

Ropes and tie

I started bondage at 23. It wasn't as rough as people think. My sex partner was just domineering enough. Many ropes, blindfolds, whips, and more. I got hot seeing all that.

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