The 3 Individual Zodiac Signs Who Likely Need To Be Alone


You don't want to announce your solitude on a soapbox. It would defeat the point. You may have to inform everyone you know you're serious. You want zip from zap on your day off. 

Instead of explaining everything to the many people in your life who are 'there for you' and ready to'spill the beans,' you'd rather deal this one alone. 


You will know this day is best spent alone as soon as it starts. That doesn't mean calling or messaging your BFF. It symbolizes seclusion and safety. 

Balance is needed during Libra's Waxing Crescent Moon. You can only reach that serene place by yourself. Though you enjoy nice company offers, you will respectfully decline.


Not feeling antisocial. You feel you must focus on many other things and can only complete what you set out to do alone. During the Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra.

You realize you must be proactive and put friendship on hold to do that. Right now, you need space. Real, but not personal. You don't have to reject someone over it. 

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