Olivia Dunne's new TikTok video "amazes" viewers with her impressive acrobatic skills.

The well-known LSU dancer can be seen swinging on uneven bars during a workout in a new TikTok video.

"Just some bar work," Dunne, who is 21 years old, wrote under the video. It has been seen more than a million times since then.

Many of Dunne's 7.8 million fans were amazed by his fancy moves. "It surprises me. "Watching this makes me wonder how you do it," said one person.

"Those are some pretty cool tricks, Livvy," said someone else. One fan yelled, "I can't wait for the season to begin!"

Dunne just began her last year as a senior at LSU.Gymnastics season doesn't start until early next year, but Dunne and her friends on the Tigers are already working hard to get better.

This month, Dunne did the balance beam in a video that more than a million people have seen.

"Senior shn..."Best one was the last one," she wrote. Skenes, who was picked first overall in the 2023 MLB Draft, put a picture of the two of them on Instagram, and Dunne wrote, "My [heart]."

The post came a month after Skenes said he was dating Dunne.Dunne's life hasn't been all work and no play, though.

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