Most Anxious Zodiac Signs


We found Cancer to be the most sympathetic zodiac sign. Their strong emotional bond with others makes them worry for loved ones. 


Because of their attention to detail and quest for perfection, Virgos worry about even the smallest mistakes. Discover why they strive for perfection and how their anxiety arises from wanting everything properly.

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Libras seek balance in all parts of life, yet their indecision can cause worry. Discover how this air sign's fear of making mistakes makes them one of the most apprehensive zodiac signs.


Scorpios worry about betrayal and relationships due to their intensity. Discover why they must shield their hearts and the emotional toll it takes.


Pisces, the most sensitive zodiac sign, suffers from anxiety due to their empathy. Discover their creative imagination and why their caring for others might cause overwhelming problems.


Aquarius is "too cool for school," but they can cause themselves a lot of stress. As a people-pleaser, this air sign might increase anxiety.

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