How many Basketball Players are named Jalen 

The rise in popularity of the name is significant. 

While Jalen, plus its variations, was the third-most popular name in DI men's basketball during the 2019-20 season with 77 players with the name,  

there are 25 more players with the name just two seasons later. 

Yes, there are five more teams competing at the DI level during the 2022 season than the 2020 campaign, 

but even that increase in teams would only be expected to add one or two more Jalens overall,  

based on the relative frequency of the name among players in the sport. 

It's also worth acknowledging that the average roster size is roughly 0.35 players greater than it was two seasons ago, 

due to the 2019-20 season not counting against players' eligibility.  

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