Three zodiac signs fall for the wrong person


Just because you realize you fell for the wrong person doesn't mean you admit it. You'll go out of your way to convince yourself and your friends that your new relationship is great, perfect, ideal, etc.

You don't want to lose this one, and during Moon opposite Jupiter, you'll feel like you owe it to yourself to try and make it big. Your partner is great, but they're not what you desire, which is important. 


Moon opposing Jupiter may reveal that you again let someone you don't like intimidate you into a relationship. Yes, you've been here before and will return. 

You fell in love quickly in your current relationship. You determined in the heat of that moment that this was the right one for you and that this person—who is now the worst person you can think of—was worthy of being your life partner. 


You'll never admit you fell for the wrong person because you won't want to know. Moon opposing Jupiter will make you realize your mistake and suppress those sentiments again. 

Despite being unique and freedom-loving, you fear being alone and lonely and don't want to be without this person. They may not know your love, which should say volumes, but you don't want to read them.

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