Brandon Miller Sued For Wrongful Death By Family Who Lost Son Due To His Friend

NBA rookie Brandon Miller faces a wrongful death lawsuit after a tragic shooting incident near the University of Alabama.

Brandon Miller, the rising NBA star drafted as the No. 2 overall pick in 2023, 

is facing a troubling lawsuit for wrongful death brought by the family of Jamea Harris,  

who tragically lost her life in a shooting near the University of Alabama.  

The suit, filed by Jamea Harris' mother, DeCarla Heard, alleges that Miller played a significant role in the unfortunate incident. 

Heard's lawsuit claims that Miller was the one who brought the firearm to the location of the shooting, 

and it was subsequently used by Michael Davis, a friend of Miller's, to fatally shoot Harris. 

The events leading up to the tragedy unfolded after Miller, Davis, and former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles spent an evening together at clubs in Tuscaloosa.  

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