7 worst to best zodiac signs


Gemini is a playful and inquisitive sign that continually juggles a range of interests, hobbies, jobs, and social circles. They are the sign of the zodiac's social butterfly.


With Gemini and Aquarius, kindred air signs who also value company with an open heart, Libra love compatibility is at its best.


Although Virgos are modest, self-effacing, hardworking, and realistic on the outside, they are frequently naturally compassionate and natural as befits their zodiac sign on the inside.


For Capricorn natives, this will be a fantastic year in terms of their finances, health, careers, and love, romance, and relationships.

Neptune, the heavenly body that rules imagination and dreams, rules Pisces, and this ethereal fish adores exploring its infinite imagination.



These pressures come from nature. They are more sensitive to stress because to their strong temperament, which makes them more bothered by it than other people are.

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