5 Easy, Relaxing Stretcher for Stress Relief.

You can become more flexible in particular movements by engaging in gentle movements like those found in tai chi, Pilates, or yoga. These activities can aid in preventing falls in senior citizens.

Gentle neck stretch

Slow side stretch

Through a joint's whole range of motion, muscles are gradually extended, and the final position is retained for a brief period of time. 

Upper body stretch

Keep your spine, arms and shoulders flexible with this group of simple yet effective upper body stretches. Learn the shoulder blade squeeze, marionette stretch and more.

Child's pose 

child's pose is classified as a restorative pose. These poses are meant to slow down your parasympathetic nervous system by relaxing your body and allowing you to focus on your breathing. 

Longer hamstring stretch 

A ssist prevent aches and injuries, enhance posture, and reduce back pain. A group of muscles known as the hamstrings attach to the leg bones and the pelvis.

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