4 Most prominent zodiac signs Are Drunk as slugs


This zodiac sign's ladies are impatient. In challenging situations, they follow their heart. If she pursues someone else instead of her boyfriend, so be it.


You must force this pal off the dance floor after last call. They frequently speak out when makeup-smeared and furious. Like, “but I just want to DANCE” and “why are you so mean to me


They love entertainment, gossip and fun. They are very social and are easily attracted to people. So, they won’t think twice before cheating on their partner. They will even let them know that they will break up immediately.


Cancer always wants to make a terribly over-the-top meal when they get crazy, regardless of your proximity to Taco Bell or other fine dining establishments. Eventually, they burn their arms on the stove and get emotional.


Leo women are pretty dramatic and big on getting attention all the time. If they aren’t getting the love and attention from their partner, then they will go looking for it somewhere else, just to show what their partner is missing out on.


They're indecisive. Their heart is right, but if temptation is right in front of them, they will forsake everything and go for it. Indecisiveness will lead them to deceive and be dishonest despite frequent conscience hits.

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