3 Zodiac Signs With Soothing Horoscopes


Leo, today's energy is ideal for ending old chapters. It could be a relationship, employment, or terrible habit. Remember: you're on the greatest horoscopes list because this ending will lead to better things. 

Venus-Leo conjunct Juno and Chiron are trined in Aries today. Now is the moment to mend your love wounds. Remember that people who lied about their love and commitment wounded you and it wasn't your fault.


Cancer, destiny, and fate have nothing for you today. Have you considered starting a new journey? Do what seems right to you. Why wait until Monday? Be careful how you engage with close individuals. 

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces anchors you. Have you given up a dream to help others? It may have been a sick relative, your kids, or an urgent situation.


Your day will be great, Virgo! You will be pleased and energized to finish tasks and spend time with family. If you can go with your friends, the better.

Today, the Moon in Virgo entering Libra with Mercury in Virgo supports you. You will be a source of wisdom to others without recognizing it.

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