3 Zodiac Signs May Experience Conflict In Love


You don't want to change for your spouse because you don't see a need to, and you may be right. Change is good, but you've just started living your own life.

Moon conjunct Mars supports you when you tell them you must live your life your way and keep what matters. Moon conjunct Mars makes you unwilling to compromise with your romantic partner.


Compromise is always unsettling, especially if you don't believe in it. Your romantic partner will ask you to alter or face the consequences when Moon conjunct Mars.

You don't appreciate threats and may refuse their harsh request. You may question why your partner suddenly wants you to change things to suit them.


Today, Moon conjunct Mars leads you in disagreement with your romantic relationship and makes you feel pressured to be someone else for them.

If they're unhappy, shouldn't they change? You may suggest that the change they seek in you is the change they need to make themselves. 

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