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Since the Vespa came out about 70 years ago, Piaggio has been the most popular bike brand. Its 278cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, Euro 5 compliant, High-speed Engine gives the Vespa GTS300 great speed all around and lower emissions. The bike has a steel monocoque frame, bodywork from the past, a classic round headlamp, and a reworked front suspension that keeps the bike’s classic single-arm design.

Digi-analog gauges, ABS, traction control, a big storage area under the seat, a glove box, keyless ignition, and, as a bonus, a bike finder function have been added. The GTS300 is for riders who understand the brand’s history and connect with it. It has classic looks mixed with modern touches, advancements in technology, and great performance.


  • Absolutely stunning retro style.
  • Better handling and ride quality than earlier generation trims.


  • The ride quality and feel are great.
  • Not as cheap as other options on this list and doesn’t have as much space under the seat.

VESP GTS 300 HPE 2023

New designs and technologies are always being added to the Vespa GTS, but the bike’s spontaneous personality and good looks that pay tribute to this Italian icon will never change. This stylish travel partner has new style and comfort features that will make every trip one to remember. The urban spirit of its big frame that provides security, safety, and a number of high-tech features makes it the ideal scooter for long-distance travel. Your Vespa GTS will take care of everything else while you enjoy the ride.

1.Things that make a difference

Every little thing about the Vespa GTS has been carefully thought out. The colors are bright and shiny, the seat and interior match, chrome accents add a touch of class, and even the front of the Vespa’s famous “tie” has been updated to look more modern.

It looks even more like the Vespa GTS with its new materials, which give it a stylish and sophisticated look. In the name of innovation, the mirrors, side grills, mudguard crest, and even the unique “tie” have all been remade. However, the Vespa’s classic charm and spirit have been kept.

  1. With the new handlebar, the bike looks better and shows that care to detail was paid.
  2. Important ergonomics and functionality study led to new sizes, handgrips, and switches that make controlling the vehicle easier and faster.
  3. A new back shield has been added, along with a useful new knob for the keyless system that takes the place of the old starting switch and a built-in bag hook. This helps to improve both the quality and the way something looks.

 2. Care and Safety

The Vespa GTS’s new design makes it easier to handle and safer. It has better suspension, ASR traction control, ABS, and 12-inch wheels with disc brakes on both the front and back. This winning mix makes sure that the ride is smooth and easy, even at high speeds or on bumpy ground.

1. New system for the front suspension:

In keeping with Vespa tradition, the Vespa GTS has a new suspension. It still has the classic single arm with pin pulled, but it has been completely redesigned to reduce frictions during run, making the ride more comfortable and stable, even on rough roads and at high speeds.

2. Suspension System in the Back:

It has been revealed that the technical layout will have two hydraulic shock absorbers, a coil spring, preload, and four height settings.

3 ABS:

Piaggio was the first company in the world to put advanced active safety features on a scooter, like ABS and ASR, which are now available on the GTS line. ABS. There is a sensor and a phonic wheel on each wheel that work together to quickly measure speed and deceleration. The sensors talk to a hydraulic control unit with two channels. If one of the wheels slows down quickly compared to the vehicle, the ABS system kicks in to keep the car stable and make sure the brakes work well.

The ABS electronics and sensors are used by ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) to measure the two wheels’ speeds. When sensors notice that the rear wheel is moving faster than the front, the control unit cuts the engine toque by lowering the spark advance and, if needed, also the injection system. This keeps the wheels from slipping and keeps the driver from losing control of the vehicle. These changes put Vespa at the top of the list when it comes to safety and technology.

3. Full Light

The Vespa GTS looks better than ever with its new full LED lights. There’s also a new LED tail light that works with the running lights to show off the scooter’s unique look and make it easier to see on the road.

4. Knowledge and Power

Some of the features that make the Vespa GTS very easy to use are keyless ignition, remote seat opening, a useful USB port, and Bike Finder for finding your bike quickly in busy parking lots. There’s more, though. The 300cc HPE engine is one of the best engines ever put in a Vespa. It makes the bike go faster, use less gas, and make less noise.

The size of the handlebars, the grip, and the placement of the different buttons have all been carefully tweaked. You’ll notice the better smoothness and response as soon as you turn it on. This is partly because the traditional ignition has been replaced with a keyless system. And the new 3-inch analog LCD screen makes it easier to get to all the important info.

1. Not Need a Key:

The rider can keep the key fob in their pocket while opening, locking, and starting the car. Once it’s linked, the welcome logo lights up on the dashboard to let you know that the ECU has read your electronic key.

2. Find a Bike:

There are buttons on the electronic key that let you open the under-seat compartment and use the Bike Finder feature from a distance. By turning on both turn signals, this feature makes sure that the car can be seen from far away.

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