Piaggio MP3 500: The Trike Scooter That’s Fun, Safe, and Practical


The Piaggio MP3 is by no means the only three-wheeler maxi scooter, but it is one of the better examples of leaning three-wheeler technology. While adding an extra wheel, hub, disc brake and caliper, not to mention all the sophisticated suspension components that allow the wheels to remain in contact with the road while allowing the bike to lean in corners, adds weight. It also increases safety by an appreciable amount by increasing front end grip, braking power and stability.

The suspension can be locked in the upright position, meaning you don’t have to put your feet down when stopped or worry about the side stand when you park it.


  • The suspension can be adjusted and locked in place.
  • Better for safety than a regular two-wheeler.


  • Its 538-pound weight is noticeable.
  • The lighting isn’t all LED, and it takes a lot to keep up.

Sports skills to the fore

It looks even more sporty with features like the new front headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights and the unique gearbox cover. With a powerful engine, high-tech gauges, and large, impressive dimensions, this fast bike really does perform above its weight in its class and is great for getting around town. All of that is before we even talk about its unique backward gear, which is a first for a three-wheel scooter. Everything considered, this bike stands out, so get ready to be seen!

The real deal superpower

The 500 HPE single-cylinder engine in the Piaggio MP3 500 Sport Advanced can be summed up in two words: strong and dependable. Its power comes from 4 liquid-cooled valves, electronic injection, and a Ride-by-Wire multi-map electronic acceleration system that makes it easier to drive, perform better, and use less gas.

Everything you need

You simply can’t talk about the Piaggio MP3 500 Sport Advanced without mentioning its reverse gear, a world first when it comes to three-wheel scooters, and a function which takes driving ease and convenience to another level. Parking is easier than ever, requiring less physical exertion even in the narrowest spots or awkward situations.

Always linked through PIAGGIO MIA

The PIAGGIO MIA multimedia platform connects your smartphone to the onboard electronics system, making a complete tool that gives you instant access to all the information you could ever want about your bike’s performance, trip statistics, Piaggio news, and much more, all from your phone.

 The Piaggio MP3 line

The Piaggio MP3 range gets better, adding more stability and ease of riding, as well as agility, brilliant performance, and lower fuel use. For the three-wheeled champion of the category and best seller for more than 10 years, top shelf safety and comfort have always been a must.

  • Yourban LT Piaggio MP3 300

Yourban was also changed to meet Euro 4 emission standards. The PIAGGIO MP3 model is the smallest and most compact.

  • The Piaggio MP3 is the first three-wheeled scooter in the world. It was made in reaction to the need for safe, easy-to-handle city vehicles that people could use to get around the city or get to the city center from the suburbs, which are growing all the time. The two front wheels and the unique, patented suspension system that Piaggio came up with and developed before any other global company do combine the safety of a car with the ease of use and portability of a scooter and the thrill of riding a motorbike while taking corners in a dynamic way. Because of this, Piaggio MP3 can meet the needs of people all over the world, from drivers looking for a safer but more useful alternative to their car to experienced motorcyclists who can enjoy the benefits and technical features of a vehicle that has created a whole new market segment and is the clear leader in it.
  • Two wheels ahead of the rest” is a phrase that describes both the unique features of the Piaggio MP3 and the technology superiority that the groundbreaking Piaggio Group “three wheeler” has been able to prove. With two front wheels, you can ride safely in any weather or on any type of road surface, and you can also have fun, just like on a regular two-wheeled car. With the Piaggio MP3, safety features from cars and the fun of riding a motorbike come together for the first time. Since the first model came out in 2006 and became a big hit with the public, Piaggio has made a lot of different versions and engine sizes to meet everyone’s daily mobility needs. There is the Yourban version, which is the sleekest and most urban Piaggio MP3 model, and there are also the LT (acronym for Large Tread) models, which stand out with features like a front track that is 465 mm wider, motorcycle-style turn signals, and an LED daylight run light. These features make the Piaggio MP3 LT, with its 300 or 500 cc engine, safe for people of any age, as long as they have a regular driver’s license (Class B).
  • If you have a driver’s license, you can ride a Piaggio MP3 LT in many countries. To give you an example, European Directive 2006/126/EC lets people do this in Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, and some other EU countries, as long as the rider is at least 21 years old, stays on the national land, and follows any other national rules.

The Piaggio MP3 range right now

  • New Piaggio MP3 300 Sport LT.
  • BMW MP3 300 Sport LT ABS/ASR.
  • One more Piaggio MP3 300 Business LT ABS/ASR.
  • New Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT.
  • BMW MP3 500 Sport LT ABS/ASR.
  • One more Piaggio MP3 500 Business LT ABS/ASR.
  • The Piaggio MP3 500 Special Edition LT ABS/ASR is brand new.
  • The new Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban LT.
  • The new Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban Sport LT.

  PIAGGIO MP3: A Whole Range

They make the Piaggio MP3 with two different engine sizes (300 and 500 cc, Euro 4) and two different versions for each size: Sport and Business. This makes it a real family three-wheeler that can meet all of your daily transportation needs. The Piaggio MP3 300/500 Sport LT is now part of this already extensive range. It is an entry-level model for both the 300 and 500 engine sizes, with fewer features, and is available at a very low price, making it available to even more people who want to enjoy the safety features of three-wheeled technology.

With the Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT, Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT ABS/ASR, and Piaggio MP3 500 Business LT ABS/ASR, the Piaggio Group’s top-of-the-line three-wheeled car is now the Piaggio MP3 500. It has 28.5 kW of power at 7250 rpm and 45.5 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm, so it can easily get around in any town, city, or country.

The Piaggio MP3 300, which comes in the Piaggio MP3 300 Sport LT, Piaggio MP3 300 Sport LT ABS/ASR, and Piaggio MP3 300 Business LT ABS/ASR models, keeps all the technical and design features that set the Piaggio MP3 apart from the competition, but adds a high-performance engine that uses less fuel. The 300 cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine with electrical injection makes 15.5 kW of power at 7250 rpm and 22.5 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. These numbers mean that, on the one hand, the bike responds very well to acceleration when riding in a city with lots of stop-and-go traffic, and on the other, it has a top speed that is more than enough for riding on the highway, so you can go on long trips in comfort.


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