Kymco AK550: The Scooter That’s More Than Just a Scooter


A lot of people know Kymco for its small-displacement bikes, but the AK550 will make them change their minds. The 550cc parallel-twin engine makes 53 horsepower, the frame is made of aluminum, and the upside-down forks and Brembo four-piston calipers on the suspension and brakes look like they belong on a racing bike.

It weighs almost 500 pounds, so it’s not very light, but that just makes it feel more stable. The handling is quick and fun, but the weather protection and under-seat storage aren’t as good as on, say, the Suzuki Burgman. However, the full-color dashboard with lots of connectivity choices more than makes up for it. There is a lot of good quality, and the efficiency more than makes up for the lack of storage space.


  •  It’s easy to handle.
  •  It comes with a good entertainment kit.
  •   Ergonomic comfort for riders


  •  There isn’t a lot of storage room.
  • Not enough cover from the wind.
  •  In order to move the movable screen, you will need spanners.

The Thrills of Touring

FOR PEOPLE WHO DEMAND ONLY THE BEST: The AK550 combines “innovation and breakthrough,” “lifestyle and performance,” “luxury and practicality,” and “comfort and convenience” in a way that makes riding it like nothing else.

550cc twin-cylinder engine with a lot of power

The AK 550’s brand-new 550cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder DOHC 8V engine is very quick and runs very smoothly. Its 53 HP output gives it strong acceleration and a top speed that is hard to beat. The power delivery is set up so that it can be used for both fun touring and exciting adventure rides.

In Brief

Engine, Drive Train, and Brakes Chassis and Suspension Sizes and Weight Warranty and More
This is what the 2022 AK 550i ABS has:

  • A Never-Ending Red light that can be set to stop
  • In Stop Mode, red lights are a great time to think about all the important things going on in your
  • life. Feel free to check your texts and social updates from friends, and it will let you know right
  • away if you missed an important call. It also brings you breaking news and other notifications.
  • The smarter way to get from A to B with Ride Mode will never be the same.

The new KYMCO AK 550 takes the idea of

“super touring” to a whole new level

Wednesday, December 10, 2021, at 10 a.m. — KYMCO says that its top-of-the-line large scooter, the AK 550, will be released at the 2021 EICMA Milan Show.

The new AK550 is meant to bring innovations that will thrill riders who want to go beyond what’s possible. Ever since it came out in 2016, the AK 550 has been the talk of the two-wheeler world and the model that maxi-scooter users want the most. The AK-550 has reached another important milestone since it was first shown to the world. It now has a new look and better electric control features.

New AK550 with Allen Ko as Chairman of KYMCO New AK550 with Allen Ko as Chairman of KYMCO
The new AK-550.

“Despite the international travel restrictions, I am very grateful that KYMCO is able to showcase the brand-new AK 550 in EICMA, as Milan is where AK 550 was first introduced,” stated Allen Ko, KYMCO Chairman. “Today, after the pandemic, things are hard, and people want to add excitement to their travel more than ever.” And we’re excited to show you KYMCO’s newest efforts to please riders around the world who only want the best.

Full of new designs and cutting-edge technologies

The AK 550, which was named after KYMCO’s 50th anniversary, shows off the tools and skills that the company has built up over the past 50 years. With a design focused on the rider, the AK 550 is the right mix of sport and premium styles, providing an unmatched “Super Touring” riding experience with the utmost care for every detail.

The new AK 550 takes the idea of “Thrills of Touring” to a whole new level. It has a special suspension system, a new multi-layered floating panel design, better daytime running lights in the headlights, and the newest electronic control technology. These features give riders the best performance in their class and the most fun while riding.

The new AK550 is even more stylish and classy because it has a whole new look. The new AK 550’s high-end center panel has function keys that look like piano keys and are classic, easy to use, and natural. With these real keys, riders can control the most-used features, like the fuel tank cap, seat cushion, mileage display, and wrist locks.

The “Cornering ABS” feature on the new AK 550 gives it the best safety for turning. It also has a Traction Control System that keeps the wheels from spinning on wet or bumpy roads. Electronic throttle, cruise control, and an electric window are some of the other new features. There is less risk, more ease, and less noise in the new AK550.

Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO, said, “With the new AK 550, KYMCO is pushing the limits of what it means to travel and get around.” KYMCO always puts the customer first in everything they do. We are always trying to go the extra mile to win over customers all over the world, as shown by the release of the new AK 550.

What KYMCO is About ?

KYMCO is a global powersport group with presence in over 100 countries. Our products include e-bikes, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and utility vehicles. Sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do. This persisting devotion has been driving KYMCO’s electrification endeavor for over 20 years. Today we are on a mission to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world. Learn more about KYMCO at

KYMCO Brings the AK 550 to Japan for a Test Ride   

The Japanese scooter market is now fully open to KYMCO thanks to its local subsidiary. The AK 550 model is being launched today in Tokyo with a test ride event at Twin Ring Motegi. As KYMCO’s first “Connected Scooter Experience” (Noodoe), the launch is a big deal because it brings the product to the foreign market. The Internet of Vehicle (IoV) system built with the rider in mind will be first put into the AK 550. Most importantly, the AK 550 has the right mix of sport and premium designs, giving riders “The Thrills of Touring” like never before with meticulous attention to every detail.

Both the hardware & software for this ride a completely new

The KYMCO AK 550 combines the ease of use and comfort of scooters with the style and speed of sport motorcycles. The AK 550’s design is a mix of luxury and functionality, from its unique look to its lightweight build to the position of its gravity and the height of its seat. The AK 550 is the first KYMCO model to come with Noodoe for the brand-new “Connected Scooter Experience” for riders. It also starts a new type of Maxi Scooter called “Super Touring” and a new era for scooters’ Internet of Vehicles (IOV).

Through Cloud Technology, Noodoe lets riders stay linked and share their experience while getting important digital services and daily news. Since it was first shown off at the EICMA Milan Show in November 2016 and at CES Las Vegas in January 2017, this innovative Noodoe design has gotten a lot of praise from customers and the media around the world. Since the AK 550 and other types came out, more than 16,000 people have bought and used a KYMCO Noodoe in just two months, making more than 70,000 unique, creative, and imaginative things.

“AK 550 is the best example of KYMCO’s skill in making cars over the last 50 years and will be a great starting point for the next 50 years.” CEO of KYMCO Group, Mr. Allen Ko, said, “AK 550 is a big deal for Maxi Scooters and our first step into the international market for IoV.” “I am very excited to be back in Tokyo today for the official launch and test ride event of the AK 550, which was first called the K50 Concept.” I’m excited to share KYMCO’s “Win My Heart” spirit with you through the “Super Touring” ride experience of the AK 550.

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