Honda Silver Wing: The Silver Bullet of the Scooter World


It was a straight competitor to the Suzuki Burgman and the Yamaha TMAX. It was a good middle-ground maxi-scooter because it was lighter than the Suzuki and more comfortable than the Yamaha. It has a 582cc parallel twin engine that makes 50 horsepower. As usual for Honda, the engineering honesty and build quality mean that it will last for years with normal maintenance. The comfort is great, the weather protection is great, and the front and back single discs are enough. This is a great choice if you are on a tight budget.


  • The Honda is one of the most comfortable bikes on the market.
  • It’s lighter than most maxi bikes in its class.


  • At high speeds, it moves a bit.
  • If you push it, the gas mileage will drop by a lot.
  • It’s possible that the back suspension feels a little stiff.

More Mid-Size Motorcycles

The Honda Silver Wing will be the company’s first mid-sized motorbike, which is sure to be a hit, and prices will be “affordable,” according to top officials. Are you excited?

Aside from a lot of fun, the CB300R has brought Honda’s Silver Wing brand to India. No, we’re not talking about their Silver Wing bike! The company says that Silver Wing is Honda’s first offering in the fun bike market in India.

Honda Silver Wing

It means that our market will finally get more high-end mid-sized bikes with the quality and technology that we know and love from Honda.

Honda says that the Silver Wing is a unique platform that will take care of the relationship with new users as well as the ownership, etc.

Yadvinder Sigh Guleria, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at HMSI, said this about the Silver Wing mark:

With the release of the new CB300R, Honda has turned its attention to the middle weight class.

Minoru Kato, President and CEO of HMSI, went into more detail…

Bikers will soon have even more reasons to be excited about the Silver Wing, and we’re also thinking about adding more World-Class, cheap mid-weight motorcycles to our lineup.

The CB300R has been sold out for three months

It wasn’t clear what kinds of goods we could expect from Silver Wing or when, but we can now be sure that Honda will take a slightly different approach to the market.

A Look at the Honda CB 300R in Pictures

We expect them to keep focusing on volume goods while also bringing exciting new products to India that are strictly affordable, which could be anywhere from 1.5 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs.

13 Quick Tips You Should Know About the CB300R

The 2019 CBR400R is an interesting motorbike that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Honda, could we please have it here at prices that make sense?

Over 9000 units of Speed 400 have been sent out;

the 10,000 discount is still valid

Since so many Speed 400 motorcycles have already been delivered to dealers, the overall number of bikes delivered will soon reach and beat 9000.

Triumph entered the small motorbike market by teaming up with Bajaj. In July 2023, they released two bikes in India: the Speed 400 and the Scrambler 400X. The first motorcycle to be released was the Speed 400, which got a huge response. Around the end of July, Bajaj, which makes and sells these bikes, said that it had gotten over 17,000 reservations.

Making the Speed was supposed to happen first, and it would be done at the same Bajaj plant that makes KTMs. It was supposed to be possible to make 5,000 units in a few months. Bajaj also said that it could make more if people wanted it. The Speed 400 started being sent to retailers for the first time by the end of July. The next question is how many have already been sent.

At the recent media ride of the Scrambler 400X, Bajaj said that it had shipped over 9000 units of the roadster to dealerships. This is not a straight answer to your question yet. Many of the first people who booked have already gotten their bikes, and the rest will get their steads soon. Triumph offered a discount of Rs 10,000 for the first 10,000 deliveries. This means that everyone who buys the motorcycle will still get it at the 2.23 Lakh ex-showroom price, as the original price of Rs 2.33 Lac hasn’t yet been applied. Tell the salesperson about this news story if they are charging you the full price. Then ask for a discount.

Is There Any ADV On The Triumph 400? Coming soon ADVs

People could also book the Scrambler 400X at the same time as the Speed. The motorcycle was just officially released and costs Rs 2.63 Lakh, which is about Rs 30,000 more than its roadster brother. Bajaj said it would deliver by the end of the month. Now that the manufacturer seems to have found a rhythm with making the new Triumph motorcycles, production should quickly increase. With the addition of the Scrambler 400X, production may go above the original goal of 5,000 units per month.

Official Triumph Scrambler 400X Delivery Schedule Is Out

If you’ve already reserved one and can’t wait for it to arrive, Scrambler 400X deliveries will start at the end of this month…

Triumph is now ready to bring the Scrambler 400X to the Indian market, which comes after the Speed 400. As stated at its debut, the Scrambler has now been officially launched in the country. It costs Rs 2.63 Lakhs, which is about Rs 30,000 more than the roadster.

As you may know, Triumph began taking reservations for the Scrambler and the Speed 400 together, so bikers have been waiting for their bikes for a few months now. The next question is when the supply will start.

As a result, Bajaj, which is in charge of selling these motorcycles in India, told the media during the recent media ride of the Scrambler 400X near Pune that deliveries of the bike will start in about two weeks. This means that most likely, a few bikers will get their keys this month scrambler 400x package delivery

Here is the Scrambler 400X with all of its accessories. Click on the picture to see more information about it.
The Scrambler 400X is the Speed 400’s off-road-friendly brother, and people can’t wait for it. There is extra gear that comes with it that lets you ride your motorbike on soft surfaces. There is 40 PS of peak power at 8000 rpm and 37.5 Nm of peak torque at 6500 rpm. It has the same engine as the Speed 400.

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