Honda ADV 160: The Scooter That Will Take You Beyond


What does an ADV mean? In the real world, an adventure car would be used for long trips through rough terrain and harsh conditions. Honda says you don’t have to ride cross-country in Africa to have a fun time. So here comes the Honda ADV 160! Without a doubt, it’s a mix of a real adventure motorbike and a scooter. This is even more true now that Honda has updated it for 2024.

The Honda ADV’s 157cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled single engine is bigger than the 149cc engine that came before it. It has an automatic transmission, Showa Telescopic suspension up front, a pair of Showa remote piggyback reservoir-based shocks in the rear, and anti-lock brakes. It has a unique windshield that can be used in two positions, 7.4 gallons of storage space under a seat that flips open, a small box in the front, and Honda’s SMART Key.


  • A great, modern look.
  • Can go off-road.


  • Few colors to choose from.
  • Because of its narrow appeal, it will only draw a few people.

Performance And Capability

In order for the ADV to be allowed across state lines in most states, Honda added a new engine. The four-valve eSP+ engine increases the displacement from 149.3 cc to 156.9 cc. The top speed is said to be 73 MPH, but actual speeds may be lower, mostly downward. This means it’s not really fast enough for interstate work, but it will be great for highway speeds.

The coolant-cooled thumper has a 60 mm head and a 55.5 mm stroke, giving it a 12-to-1 compression ratio that works well with higher-octane fuels. The new four valves are timed by a single over-head cam, which keeps the top end light and simple. The 28 mm throttle body, which is managed by PGM, is in charge of the intake. The Honda Selectable Torque Control is a feature that is usually only found on more expensive, bigger machines. It comes standard and adds an extra level of safety and security.   Four “fun” Honda electric motorcycles and scooters are coming to the US.


Honda made the ADV 160 to look tough and stylish, like an urban maxi, so it would attract to older riders, college students, and young professionals in cities. In fact, the sharp corners and spiked parts are pretty common in urban mobility. For example, Yamaha’s XMAX and Beemer’s C 400 GT both have similar design elements.

From front to back, the lights are all LED, so you can see clearly both ways and feel safe. The movable windscreen cuts a big hole in the wind for the pilot’s comfort, and the fact that it’s vented makes it much less uncomfortable for the head to bump into the top of the pocket. The brand-new LCD screen handles all the important metrics, and a secondary meter handles the rest. The HSTC system’s interface is in the main meter.

Specification & Dimensions

 How long= 76.8 in
 Height Width= 30.0 in
 How tall= 50 inches (47.1 inches with the windshield down)
 How High is the Seat= 30.1 in
 Base wheel= 52.1 in
 Clearing the ground= 6.5 in
 Capacity for fuel= 2.1 gal
  Stop gaining weight= 294 lbs.


Many changes were made to the ADV160’s frame so that it is strong and small enough to handle rough country roads. This is supposed to be an adventure scooter, so it might be even rougher than that.

The front fork is 31 mm, and the back has two coil-over shocks. Both ends have Showa suspension. With 5.1 inches of travel ahead and 4 inches of travel behind, the travel is pretty soft for a scooter. It should be fine on light ground. The ADV160 is one of the easiest bikes to handle because its rake is 26.5 degrees and its trail is 3.4 inches.

With 110/80-14 and 130/70-13 tires on the front and back, the sculpted wheels finish off the rolling frame. There is a 240 mm disc brake in the front to limit the unsprung weight at the axle and stock ABS. However, the back brakes are very old-fashioned with a 131 mm drum brake and no ABS.

Chassis & Suspension

  • Travel for the front suspension=Showa Telescopic Fork 31 mm / 5.1 in.
  • Back Suspension and Travel=Twin 4.1-inch Showa shocks
  • Rake=26.5°
  • The trail=3.4 in
  • Front Wheel=110/80-14
  • Tire on the back=130/70-13
  • The front brake=The hydraulic caliper has a 240 mm disc.
  • Brake on the back=131 mm Drum Machine

Price And Availability

You can get it in Red Metallic or Pearl Smokey Gray. It should be in dealer shops in July.

Pricing & Features

Features =  What It Does

Honda   =    Smart Key

Warranty  = One-year restricted warranty that can be transferred and covers unlimited MIL

Shades of color =Metal red, pearl smoky gray

Price    =  $4,499


The market for city scooters is busy, so I didn’t have to look hard to find the Suzuki Burgman 200. This is another new machine with a good old-school history.

Suzuki Burgman 200

Suzuki uses the same basic design, but they round off the ends to make the car look more graceful. It has softer lines and a more grown-up look. The only color is Metallic Matte Stellar Blue, but it looks great on the outside because it’s classy and modest.

There is a blue 2023 Suzuki Burgman 200 parked in a building.Suzuki has a lot of tall windshields to protect the driver and keep things even. While Honda’s engine makes 16 horsepower and 9.8 pound-feet of torque, Suzuki’s 200 cc thumper makes 18.1 horsepower and 12.5 pound-feet of torque, which is a small but noticeable edge. There is a $4,999 price tag for that extra power, though. You can choose for yourself if it’s worth it.

Honda ADV160

Model = ADV160:

156.9 cc = engine

16 HP of= power

9.8 LB-FT = Torque

Transmission= V-Matic with

Driveline= Belt

MSRP= $4,499

  • Good things Looking, up-to-date, and grown-up
  • After a full update, it has a sticker that is easy on the wallet.
  • Five to ten miles per hour faster stock handguards would be nice, but there aren’t many color options.

 Honda ADV160 come out

Honda made changes to the ADV150 by adding the PCX’s 157 cc engine. They then sold it in Asia as the ADV160 in 2023. The ADV160 from Honda will be sold in the United States in 2024.

 ADV160 cost

In the U.S., the 2024 ADV160 has an MSRP that starts at $4,499. It will be on sale at dealers in July and can be bought in either Red Metallic or Pearl Smoky Gray.

How strong is the ADV160

The ADV160 has a 157 cc single-cylinder motor that makes 16 hp at 8,500 RPM and 9.8 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 RPM.

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