BMW C 650 GT: The Ultimate Touring Scooter


In typical BMW fashion, when they do something, they do it very well, if not very cheaply! The 647 twin-cylinder engine makes 60 horsepower, which is the most in its class. The chassis is made up of steel tubing and cast aluminum parts, which make it very stiff while also being light (575 pounds total). This is shown by BMW’s usual high level of build quality and the use of premium materials. The C 650 GT still gets 61 MPG from its 4.2-gallon gas tank.

Front disc brakes with ABS, power outlets in the front cubbyhole, and lighted storage under the seat big enough for a short weekend trip or two full-face helmets. As usual for BMW, there are a lot of extras available, but they will cost a lot more if you want to make it as good as the other bikes on this list.


  • A wide range of extras for after the sale.
  • Great sideview mirrors that work.
  • High-end construction.


  • It’s pricey. High costs for care.
  • This car has a lot of CVT “wind-up” until it hits 45 mph.

More about the BMW C 650 GT

In Brief

Inline two-cylinder engine with a size of 647 cc is brand new to BMW Motorrad and is found in the C 650 GT. It is rated to put out 60 hp of power at 7,500 rpm, and at 6,000 rpm, it can put out 49 ft../lb. of torque. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is directly combined moves the power from one place to another.

The engine is low because the bank of cylinders is tilted 70 degrees to the front. This makes the center of gravity low as well. The unique sound and low vibration levels come from the ignition spacing of 270 degrees, the shift of the crank pins by 90 degrees, and the two balance shafts that are driven by spur gears.

The four valves under the two overhead camshafts are power by an electronic fuel injection system. An efficient cooling system kept the two-cylinder engine’s temperature balance just right. Oil comes from a dry sump with a double oil pump.

The exhaust system is made entirely of stainless steel and meets the requirements for motorcycles. The C 600 Sport meets the future Euro-4 pollution standards because it has a closed loop catalytic converter and an oxygen sensor.

Holding off

One goal in making the C 650 GT was to make it stable in all directions at high speeds, easy to control in city traffic, and give the rider clear feedback, just like a motorbike.

So, the C 650 GT suspension is made up of a torsionally rigid hybrid link between a tubular steel bridge frame and a diecast aluminum unit at the swing arm bearing. The two-cylinder inline engine also acts as a bearing, making it very rigid for stable and precise reaction.

The bearing for the cat light-alloy single swing arm with coaxial center of spin makes riding more stable. The suspension is also made to make the ride fun and comfy. At the front, a fork that is upside down has a large width of 1.57 inches (40 mm). On the left side of the back end, there is an angled spring brace. The springs move each 4.5 inches, which is the same size as most street bikes. The C 650 GT tires are the right size for the bike, with the right lengths and cross sections.

Set of brakes

The new C 650 GT has strong brakes that include a front disc brake with two rotors and a back disc brake with a single rotor. Both brakes are 10.6 inches (270 mm) in diameter. The normal BMW Motorrad ABS makes sure that you are as safe as possible.

Cluster of Instruments

The C 650 GT’s instrument panel has a big, easy-to-read LCD screen that shows both the engine speed and the speedometer in analog form. The cluster of instruments has a lot more features than common for this type of car.

What makes this different from the BMW C 600 Sport?

Both the rider and passenger on the C 650 GT are sitting more comfortably. As a result of ergonomics meant to improve passenger comfort and ability, the seat is now more comfortable and has an adjustable backrest for the rider. The handlebars are also higher, and there are comfortable floor boards instead of separate footrests for the passenger. The C 650 GT also has a bigger, powered windshield that protects you even more from wind and weather.

For better ergonomics, the C 650 GT has a higher handlebar that makes the seat position very comfortable. The seat is also bigger and more comfortable, with a movable backrest for the rider and footboards for the passenger. The seat height is 30.7 inches.

Windscreen: C 650 GT with an organic design language that puts the focus on comfort features. The C 650 GT has large panels that provide great comfort and protection from wind and rain.

Headlights, Turn Signals, and back Lights: The C 650 GT has twin circular headlights, front turn signals built into the mirrors, and an LED back light cluster with built-in turn signals.

Storage Space: The C 650 GT’s tail has a large storage space of about 2.1 cubic feet that can fit two helmets and other things.

And, of course, the colors the C 650 GT comes in. You can see those colors (along with other build details) below!

Equipment as Standard

  • The transmission is continuously variable (CVT).
  • Power-adjustable windshield with wind guide vanes that can be moved in steps.
  • Large storage space compartment.
  • Illuminated storage compartment on the side stand, an automatic parking brake actuator, a power socket, a multifunction display, and a computer toolkit built right into the car.

Shades of color

  • Unique Packages

WHAT THE CODE MEANS The Highline Package, which costs $189 and comes with a heated seat, heated grips, and a tire pressure monitor,$605 262The Highline Package Low Seat: comes with heated grips, a tire pressure monitor, and a low saddle seat that doesn’t heat up.$455


 What to Do

  • Only comes with the Highline Package or the Highline Package. It has a heated seat, heated grips, and a TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor). Low Back Seat.
    You can’t get a heated seat with a low saddle seat.
  • Metal Havanna (above).
  • Quartz Metal (up top).
  • Over there, in Sapphire Black Metallic.
  • MSRP doesn’t include tax, license, or registration fees. It also doesn’t include the $495 freight/destination charge that BMW of North America adds to all new motorcycles sold in the US. Please call our sales department for full pricing information, including “out the door” prices.
  • If you have more questions or would like to set up a time to try out the bike, please let us know.





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