Birthstones according to Zodiac Sign with Facts – Complete List

Birthstones according to Zodiac Sign with Facts – Complete List: Astrology can bring good energy into the new year. If you want to start, learning about birthstones might be a good idea. It is amazing that a gem could show something about a person’s personality. So began my love affair with crystals and gems that will last a lifetime.

According to experts :-

  • The idea of birthstones goes back to the Bible. Greek and Roman writer Josephus found a link between the 12 stones on high priest Aaron’s breastplate, the zodiac signs.
  • The months of the year as early as the first century. In Poland in the 1600s, it was popular to wear a different stone every month.
  • This is where the tradition of wearing these stones came from.
  • In the year 1870, Tiffany & Co. put out a book that matched each month of the calendar to a stone.
  • It was meant to be a gift idea for family and friends. In the next hundred years, the American National Association of Jewelers got together twice, in 1912 and 1952, to make sure that the list of stones for each month was correct.
  • In that way, wearing your own gem is a pretty new style.

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How do birthstones actually work?

Birthday stones are more than just gems that match the month. Each one has a healing power that is linked to a sign of the zodiac. They can also be used to clean, purify, and light up the energy.

Birthstones have natural energy that can help

  • To calm you down
  • Improve your confidence
  • Make your relationships stronger.

They can also be used to clean the skin and charge water that you can drink or swim in. This is why it’s so important to learn about their energy properties: they can do anything that has to do with healing, self-love, and self-care.

Birthstones according to Zodiac Sign with Facts – Complete List

1. January — Garnet

Capricorn and Aquarius are the zodiac signs for people born in January. These people are known for their loyalty, drive, creativity, confidence, and success in both their personal and business lives. Garnet is the best stone to use to bring out the best in these traits because it is energizing and healing.

2. February: Amethyst

Because it opens up the mind and clears the air, amethyst is a great stone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said that both signs are spiritual, psychic, and awakened, which are all things that amethyst helps with.

3. March: Aquamarine

In March, the sun moves from sensitive Pisces to fiery Aries. This means that people born under either sign need energy to help them control their anger and emotions. Lucky for us, aquamarine, the March birthstone, soothes the mind, calms the feelings, and cleans the energy.

4. April: Diamond

Putting the chakras in the right place with diamonds can help. As long as you are open to new ideas, they make you more creative and artistic. In April, the stars are in Aries and Taurus. When they have diamonds in their lives, they can use their imagination to do great things.

5. May — Emerald

Because the sun goes from earthy Taurus to airy Gemini in May, people are more likely to bare their minds. Emeralds can make you think more deeply by bringing up more revolutionary and rebellious thoughts. The month’s mood is also made more dramatic with emeralds.

6. June: Pearl

Geminis and Cancerians born in June can find much-needed peace and clarity through pearls. They also help them understand their own thoughts and feelings better.

7. Ruby in July

July is full of desire, zeal, and lively spirit! This month is full of zeal and sentimentality because the sun goes from emotional Cancer to fiery Leo. July’s energy is filled with fire, courage, and good vibes thanks to rubies.

8. Peridot in August

The sun moves from fiery Leo to grounded Virgo in August. This means that feelings need to be calmed down. Peridot helps to calm and relax feelings, which helps the energy of the month find peace of mind.

9. September — Sapphire

This stone is called the “love” birthstone. The cosmic energy of September promises that they will help bring people together as the sun moves from Virgo to Libra, which are both signs that want to get along with others and work with them.

10. October: opals

Libra and Scorpio are two October signs that care a lot about being loyal. Opals bring devotion and a strong feeling of desire in sexual settings. They also give you a way to avoid negative vibes that are bad for your mental growth.

11. November : Topaz

Even though it’s after Halloween, November can be extra scary. That’s why topaz is the best gemstone to connect with your spiritual and psychic feelings (by drawing healing to you) during Scorpio and Sagittarius season.

12. December: Turquoise

In December, the sun goes through the signs of Sagittarius, which is known for being impulsive, and Capricorn, which is known for being practical. December needs more grounded energy, which is what the stone turquoise brings. This gem also helps with healing and coming to terms with yourself.

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